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Legislation passed in 2015 mandating the posting of information about the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

The following establishments are required to post notices in no less than 8.5 x11 size in conspicuous places: South Carolina has partnered with the U. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in promoting the Blue Campaign.

He would be the league’s all-time leading free-throw shooter by percentage, except he’s 39 attempts short of officially qualifying.

NBA Players Association Executive Director Michele Roberts also suggested the players would address a kneeling situation with the league only should it happen. Le Bron James then called Trump a “bum,” many NBA players expressed support for Curry, and the Warriors reacted in their own ways on Saturday. But with the NBA season only a month away, there may be players who feel they should join the protest, too.

“I haven’t discussed it with Adam because I haven’t needed to,” Roberts told Yahoo! “I was not the executive director when the [Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf situation] happened, but I’m aware of the rule and the players are aware of the rule. On Saturday, Oakland Athletics rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to kneel during the anthem. If any players do, it won’t be the first time the NBA’s national anthem rule has been tested.

(It’s worth repeating that he was not protesting the anthem itself.) We’ve seen protests from WNBA players and teams, most recently the L. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was a wiry 6’1 point guard with a lightning-quick jump shot.

This new statute includes higher penalties than the previous human trafficking statute, criminal liability for business owners engaging in human trafficking, restitution for victims, civil action availability for victims, and asset forfeiture by convicted traffickers.

There is also a provision in the statute that the Attorney General chair a task force, along with other essential agencies, dedicated to investigating and addressing the problem of human trafficking.

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South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force Annual Report 2015 South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force Annual Report 2016 The South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force has published this report in compliance with the human trafficking law, specifically in S. Human trafficking is often referred to as “modern day slavery,” and can be labor trafficking, sex trafficking, or both.

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