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Whether a book is in the public domain may vmy country to country. * gunnlo si co Kvtnne : There are two ways of interpp this Urxi Hii, of which the words in question ibrm the key i According to (iiuliani, they refer to (onfessarc^ and would I that Danie wished to own himself corrected and convinced] far as was needful.

Public domain books are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Accadcmico Cormponilenle dclln Cfl with an Inlroduction by the late Deao Richald W. " Hut," says Casini, '' in that cjise tt'Duld not have said quanio si conrenne, but quanio it for the preterite indicative convcnne must of necessity logical agreement with ihe analogous term Ici'iu io ti'Pe.

None spoke 10 dearly or solemnly against tlie corruptions of his Ima; none repudiated so completely the validity of nierc official pardons. and need of discipline, but he sees clearly that man is incapable of finally judging of man {Par. Jephtha had better have said "Mai feci" than have kept his rash vow (Par. He hates the narrowness and nascent injustice of partizanship {Par, vi, l Oi). But all of them render beautiful tlie itist Sphere (i.e. i, art.9): "Conveniens est sacrae scripturae di\-ina et ipi» ualia sub similitudine corptoialium tradere. manifestarci altributi immaieriali divini simboleggiaii nelle mani e nci piedi." (Comoldi). For this reason Holy Scripture condescends to your (human) faculties, and :tttributes feet and hands lo God, and (yet) means something iel«e ; and Holy Church represenis to you Gabriel Snd Michael under a human aspect, as also that other one (Kflphitd) who made Tobias (meaning Tobit) vbolca^n. i ; " Nalune pet • principia sunt forma et materia. materia antem bomi Dil, est corpus tale quod est ex contrariis compositum." Scattuiii ' in both his editions, followed by Casini and Poletto, quo Mi Ai following words from ibid., pars i, qu. i: "Ani M rationalis est forma sui corporis." I have looked mo5i a* fully through the whole article, and am satisfied th»i it* words "Anima rationalis" do not occur in it, and yet in [^ Index iii Rerum in my edition (Paris, i83o) of the Sumam (he passage is cited, as Scartaizini gives it. 3: "Anii M rationalis est forma subsisiens." And qa xci. Cao Wl L'onor dell' itiflueiic^t e il blasmo, fone In alcun vero suo arco percotc Questo principio male inieso torse Gii tutlo il mondo quasi, al che Giove, Mercurio e Martc a naminar* trascorse.

Thus Dante's sound level sense holds its place in his great work. ~~- Id Divina Co Himedia di Danlt Alighicii col coroento di Pietio f Wtlcii.i.l. the Empyrean) and have pos- sesion of blessed life in different degrees, according IS they feel more or less the Kiernal Afflatus (of the Holy Spirit). ft//« ct Uitial: Understand spera, which Scarlaiiini says '"'"ns the degree, the condition tile souls in the Moon occupy ■'• %i lowest condition, or degree of blessedness. Canto Vi Cosl parlar conviensi al vosiro ingegno, Perocch^ solo da sensato* apprende Cio che fa poscia d' inlellello degno. Deus enim ortinibu) providet, secundum quod competit eorum naturae. j Slie then points out that the teaching of Plato in the Tmwkj. Forma hominis est »nii B rationalis, qux est de sc immortalis . The nearest appro K^ to the words quoted is the following: "Hoc ergo principio O quo primo intelligimus, sive dicatur intellectus, sive anima ii' tetlectiva, est forma corporis." And in a footnote at the begromtt of art. art 4: "Fo humani corporis est ipsa anima, qux est spiraculum vitte-V kto IV. 131 jhis meaning is, not so much that the souls issue the stars and return to them again, as that the exercise an influence over them, moving them good or to evil, then perhaps (Beatrice says) he ght not be far from the truth as understood Dante's time, when the influence of the stars. She goes on to show that it as owing to this very doctrine of Plato being taken I a wrong sense that caused nations to give to the lanets the names of the different heathen deities, c Ueving that each of these planets exercised the pedal influence of the god it was called after, eg. Mars the influence of (far, and so on, 1 f, therefore, Plato's opinion is under- ftood in this other sense, it would be in accordance with that of Dante, who has had no other motive for representing these discloistered dames in the Sphere (rfthe Moon, than as a mark of the influence upon Ibem of the instability attributed to that (so-called) planet E forse*' sua. ii, ^Wd Scarta/iini's obscri'ations thereon, wherein we see clearly 'w Uanie admitted the influence of the stars. And (yet) perchance this belief of liis is of Otho guise than hts words sound [i.t.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Tlie Puigatorr of Dute Alighim (Pqie Ki |.i«vii% An npcrinie Dt in Lilctil Vrnc Tioss Ution by Ci M I-uncdoi ? as one sees iloii looking down on a dark still pool, or, to change H^ simile, as one dimly discerns an object upon a ^Vground of the same colour, such as a pearl against an alabaster complexion. From this peaceful life she was forcibly withdrawn by her fierce broths' Corso, and compelled to wed one Rosellino dcl Li Tosa. 73) explains that, as in Dante's lime Latin was lit language spoken and written by learned people, the word Jutw came to be used to signify an ornate speech, or oration, Mia/W'. xvii, 34, 35; rptr chiare parole, e con precise Latin, rispose." Cavemi adds : ■ Ewtcbt Intto ci6 ch'f ornato 6 facile, e anzi i la facilit S una c Wiiione esseniiale alia grazia ; latino venne a signilicare anche Mt, agevote- Di tjuesia voce in tale sign ifica to h vivo latinare, pt detlo da' concitttori 'liri tiegli Ariigiani di Firfme, dt Girolamo Gargiolli, ,'iftntc, 1876, where in pp.86, 87, a detailed description is given ''W lambskins "si lalinanoconallrobaslone piu ccirto (termed tjf^ilane da litlinare) che si adopera come il ferro da pelare.

These volumes, like their predecessors, are based upon the famous Latin Commentary of Benvenuto da Imola, first delivered as lectures, ai Bologna, in 1375, and follow the same order and plan, which has been to take the text verse by verse, to give a faithful translation, to connect the nar- rative with a running commentary, to explain all difficulties as they arise, and to supply in nimierous footnotes a key to philological, literary, and historical doubts. * foigord; Uante here beholds Beatrice for a single luunl in her ml Empyrean ({''""y. one must study cai-efully the history of inte's inner life, as also the development of his )ugbts and his beliefs.

This, apart from the notes, is very inucli the system of Benvenuto, although he goes somewhat further and construes the text almost word by word. completely throwing into the shuk that of the spirits in the pallid li^hl of the Heaven of tbe Mooa. 27, Dante describes how he fell into doubt about two matters, ttd how Beatrice divined his thoughts. Casini expresses full concurrence with Scartazzini.* Owiiitm 11.

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Go ogle This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library stielves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Readings^ott the Paradise, 87 ^ivcs as he concludes his commentary of this difficult uid most arid Canto, telling his readers that, if they ■cquire further explanation, they must work it out for Jwinsclvcs, for that he, for his part, has understood ittle or nothing it. The First Sphere.— The He.\ven of tiie MW — The Souls ok those who failed KEEP HOLV Vows.— Pi CCARDA DE' Do NATI All the Blessed contented with th: PLALE IN Hh AVFN.- The Empress Constas This beautiful Canto, throughout which runs a st of sweet harmony, only exceeded by its elevated sa liness, has been justly estimated as one of the 6 in the whole Poem. 63, 1 records his conversation with the spirit of Pio de' Donati, his wife's kinswoman. Ml answer to a question from Dante, assures him that the and her fellow spirits are wholly content with "icii humble position in the lowest place in Heaven, and aspire no higher. Quel sol,* che priat d' amor mi scaldfi 11 petto, Di bella veriti m'avea scoperio, Provando e riprovando. xxx,75, Da Dte calls Beatrice Ihe sunlight offal) e^es: ■' Cfa»de : Ry provinj; the alleged true cause "Inf Hwti nn ilie Motjn,and by disproving Uante's former belief, ""ich he hjd held ivhen he wrote the Coarilo, and which he re- prttciu^ himself as having put furward, in ihe last Canto, for the 'JP'"i |JUrpii4c of pulling into Ueatricc's mouth (be confutation 90 Rcatiings on t/u Paradiso.

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