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Claims of oil discoveries prompted the resurgence of fighting in 1973.Overview about Regional Names like: Hararghe, Dire dawa, Bali, Sidamo, Jidwaaq, Hawd & Researved Area, Issa/Gurgura, Aw/Ogaden, Westernsomali (Somaligalbeed), Zone 5 and finally Somali National Regional State Incorporated into the Ethiopian Empire in the late 19th century, ethnic Somalis live mainly in Eastern Ethiopia in Somali Regional National State.Hostilities were ended through mediation by the OAU and Sudan.However, Somalia continued to promote irredentism by supporting the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF), which was active in the West Somalia.Ethiopia’s entry into the Somali region in modern times dated from Menelik’s conquest of Harer in the late 1890s, the emperor basing his actions on old claims of Ethiopian sovereignty.In 1945 Haile Selassie, fearing the possibility of British support for a separate Somali state that would include the West Somalia, claimed Italian Somaliland as a “lost province.” In Italian Somaliland, the Somali Youth League (SYL) resisted this claim and in its turn demanded unification of all Somali areas, including those in Ethiopia.In January 1994, the ONLF and Al-Itihad in Somali Zone declared their continued fight for self-determination of the Ogaden zones.

In the northeast, an Anglo-Ethiopian treaty determined the frontier’s official location.However, Somalia contended that it was unfairly placed so as to exclude the herder’s resident in Somalia from vital seasonal grazing lands in the Haud.The British had administered the Haud as an integral part of British Somaliland, although Ethiopian sovereignty had been recognized there.Again in the mid-1970s, the Somali Republic encouraged ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia, especially the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF), established in 1974, to rebel.In 1977 the Somali Republic invaded the Western Somali Land to help WSLF, but they were pushed back by Ethiopian troops.

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After it was disbanded in the rest of Ethiopia, the British military administration continued to supervise the area from Harer eastward and did not withdraw from the Haud until 1955.

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