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Side effects can range from the mildly adverse headache to the potentially deadly heart attack.

[16] (emphasis added)In any event, the FDA ban was instituted in 2004 and, as mentioned, fought off legal challenges.More individual formula ingredients include everything from ginseng and ginger to peppermint and black pepper.[5]NOTE: Keep in mind that not only is ephedra itself a stimulant, but the FDA’s recommended .[11] Then two collegiate and three professional (one semipro) sports deaths—all involving ephedra or ephedra-related products—put the controversy on the map and under a spotlight: [12]Wheeler and Rashadi both had ephedra in their systems when they died, Stringer had ingested a supplement before collapsing during a workout, Jones had a pre-existing heart condition which was exacerbated by his use of supplements, and the medical examiner who performed Belcher’s autopsy cited ephedra intake as a “significant element” in his death. At the time, Metabolife was the largest and most popular of ephedra supplements and had not provided the FDA (as ordered by the U. Department of Justice) with approximately 14,000 complaints by users of its ephedra supplements about bad side effects and other concerns.A criminal investigation was launched, [14] and ultimately the company owner was sent to federal prison for failing to provide those to the government.

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So if you purchase an over-the-counter weight loss or performance-enhancing supplement , it likely contains the synthetic version or ephedra without the ephedrine alkaloids.

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