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I enjoyed the wind blowing through my hair so much that the sound of my laughter filled the whole plain.” Masih Alinejad, the founder of the project, said the photos are an act of courage.

“These women are extremely brave because they have posted their photographs on Facebook, which is banned under the law in Iran,” she said.

Yet some women in other Muslim countries, such as Turkey, have battled against restrictions banning headscarves in some public settings, while some conservative Muslim women in the West have pushed for permission to wear headscarves in athletic competitions and other venues. This 15-year-old student is trying to change that.] “Some consider a hijab part of culture,” Paikidze said in an Instagram post announcing her decision.

“But, I know that a lot of Iranian women are bravely protesting this forced law daily and risking a lot by doing so.

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The chess controversy reflects the wide spectrum of reactions countries have to Muslim veils.

When she turned 18, she moved to the United States to attend the University of Maryland Baltimore County, whose powerhouse chess team recruited her via scholarship. As the NCAA Tournament comes to a close, so does another competition — the Chess Final Four. “Checkmate,” the move that finishes the game, comes from the Persian , which means “the king is frozen” or “the king is helpless,” according to the Metropolitan Museum.

She’s a distant figure; the vastness of the valley and the vivid blue of the sky almost hide her completely.

“My dear Masih,” she writes, “I love this photo dearly.

But it’s an important step, and one that more and more women are taking.

In one photo dated May 15, a woman is running in an open field, a colorful scarf streaming behind her.

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