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And the company is taking blatant steps to help people formulate something that takes a little more brain power than “hey.” You can now comment on profile photos and even specific sections of someone’s profile.

These are similar to regular messages but with the context attached.

To understand why some people are upset with this decision, let’s conduct a quick refresher on how Ok Cupid works: And so that brings us to the revised approach.

An email that Ok Cupid sent out last week was a little more assertive on the subject. Short answer: zero.” The email went on: “you can now connect with even more people because you don’t have to feel shy about showing up as a visitor — and neither do they.” Ok Cupid says this decision allows for “awkward-free profile perusal.” That’s a reasonable stance, sure.

One guy is offering free accommodation to a "young female to help me have a baby".

“And when you’re focused on those people, your chances of higher quality connections improves.” But almost immediately, Ok Cupid ran into negative feedback from both free and paying customers.This may not be a terrible idea, especially since Apple hasn’t proven that it has the ability to make TV, period.Better to screw up with inoffensive stuff than to compound the problem with sex and violence.It knows it doesn’t want to use them as content marketing for Apple Music, as it has been doing with its video projects so far, but beyond that things are murky.Until it figures that part out, it doesn’t make sense to make bold bets.

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Matthew, one of the guys who claims to want nothing back, agrees to a chat on the telephone.

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