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We didn't want to overreach, so we came to the idea of the three-date structure with chapters. But there were very self-imposed limitations on ourselves because we wanted to avoid the sort of scope creep that happens in a lot of indie game development where you bit off more than you can chew and end up paying for that.

The big thing that we were looking for was to announce on Father's Day. Grey: Yeah, if we had more time, and more resources, and different dates we could go on, I think it would have been great to focus on engaging with actual queer culture in a more meaningful way.

" Leighton Grey: From its inception, we wanted it to be kind of serious.

I don't think we were ever 100 per cent going into it, like, "Ah, it's a big joke." There are so many interesting feelings and relationship dynamics tied up in being a father and having relationships with other fathers.

I spoke to creators Leighton Grey and Vernon Shaw to find out more about how they struck a balance between humour and sincerity, criticism the game has faced since release, and what it means to be a dad. On the other, it's about sensitive subjects like queerness and toxic masculinity.Grayson: You wanted to tell these complex stories, but I feel like they were held back by the game's three-date structure.I felt less like I got to know each dad and more like I peeked through a crack in the window to their world.Shaw: Making this thing with the Game Grumps, we had this ethos in the office that we wanted to do things small and right, rather than overly ambitious and potentially wrong.We really set hard deadlines on ourselves and made sure that our story was doable.

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In this interview, its creators talk about the tricky balance of making a comedic game while not turning homosexuality into the butt of the joke.

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