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To support the theatrical release of Unfinished Business, developed “Real Translator’s Guide: Playmate Edition” custom marketing program, a socially-driven program that tapped into Playmates to highlight the international themes of the film.

En mai 2016, elle crée une ligne de t-shirts vendus durant sa tournée, dont les bénéfices iront à des associations de protection des droits des personnes transgenres.

Playboy teamed up with Dodge for a 360-degree program designed to drive maximum awareness for the brand’s car models through presence at Playboy’s high-profile Super Bowl Party, complemented by a high-impact print execution and digital campaign.

Playboy helped amplify the Blackheart brand attitude with a custom, integrated marketing program that utilized our most unique brand assets - Playboy Playmates.

To increase buzz around the DVD & Blu-ray release of Entourage the movie, Playboy developed a socially-driven digital marketing program to capture guys’ attention by giving them the chance to live like a VIP for one weekend in Hollywood —with Playmates included.

developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.

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En 2017, elle sort son sixième album Tell Me You Love Me où est extrait son plus grand succès Sorry Not Sorry.

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