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biblioteczny aj of biblioteka bibliotekarka f librarian bibliotekarstwo n library science bibliotekarz mp librarian biç bij bijesz impf, pobiç pf beat, hit, strike, mint (coin). burzowiec -wca mi storm drain burzowy aj of burza but mi -a shoe, boot bucik -a dim of but butelka --lek f bottle buteleczka -czek f dim of butelka by cond conj (with endings of byç: bym byê byêmy byêcie) that, so that, in order that byç pres jestem jesteê jest jesteêmy jesteêcie sà, fut b d b dziesz, imper bàdê impf be, be located, exist. av ca kowicie wholly, fully, entirely, utterly ca owaç ca uj ca ujesz impf kiss ca y aj whole, all, entire, intact. bez celu aimlesslessy celowy aj of cel cena f price, cost, value. chcia (a)bym infin I'd like to chemia f chemistry chemiczny aj chemical chemik mp chemist chemikalia pl form G -iów chemicals. av pred ch odno ch op mi Dsg -u peasant, farmer, fellow, man. po ch opsku peasant-style ch opak mp also semi-pers boy, boyfriend ch opczyk dim of ch opiec ch opi cy aj boy's ch opiec -pca mp Dsg -u NVpl -y boy ch opisko aug of ch op ch opka fem of ch op ch opski aj of ch op chmura f cloud chmurka -rek f dim of chmura chmurny aj cloudy chocia conj although.

brzuchaty aj paunchy brzuszek -szka mi dim of brzuch brzuszny aj abdominal brzydki aj ugly. w ~wie under construction budowaç -duj -dujesz impf, pf zbudowaç build budynek -nku mi building, edifice budziç -dz -dzisz impf, pf obudziç rouse, awaken, elicit. ~ si intr wake up bu ka - ek f roll, bun, bread-roll bu eczka -czek f dim of bu ka burak mi -a beet burza f storm burzliwy aj stormy, tempestuous, turbulent. nie b dzie, nie by o see nie ma bywaç -am -asz impf freq of byç be, stay, frequent, visit, happen, occur C ca kiem av completely, entirely, wholly, quite, rather ca kowity aj entire, utter. intr ~ si I) be characterized by cel mi Gpl -ów aim, goal, target, destination. chleb razowy whole wheat bread chlebak -a mi haversack chlebodawca mp arch or joc employer chlebowy aj of chleb ch odny aj cool, cold, chilly.

See kot ma cat Nouns described as m fac an 'masculine, facultatively animate' ordinarily take genitive-accusative singular in -a: papieros m fac an cigarette. comp av szerzej Regularly predictable adverbial forms are not given unless the adverb is glossed separately. av ywo If an adjective has an existence and meaning mainly dependent on a noun, only the noun to which it is related will be given, as in ziemski aj of ziemia 236 ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE GLOSSARY 1p, 2p, 3p 1st, 2nd, 3rd person A accusative case abbrev abbreviation aj adjective av adverb coll collective n or num colloq colloquial comp comparative cond conditional mood conj conjunction D dative case decl declined dim diminutive e.o. masculine inanimate masculine personal masc personal plural nominative case neuter noun negative numerical adjective numeral one another oneself, one's self pejorative person, personal perfective aspect phrase plural form plural predicate, predicator prefix preposition pronominal adjective pronoun quantifier someone something singular subordinating superlative personal title transitive usually vocative case without 237 A a conj and, but, while. av po angielsku in English ani conj either, neither.

Feminine personal nouns with a derivationally primary male variant are not usually separately glossed; see studentka -tek fem of student listed beneath student mp student Plural-only nouns are indicated as such with the tag pl form: oboje 2 pl form, G oboi wallpaper ADJECTIVES Adverbial and comparative forms of adjectives are listed under the heading of the adjective, regardless of alphabetical considerations. each other emph emphatic esp especially exclam exclamation f feminine noun fac an facultatively animate n fem female variant formal formal style usage freq frequentative G genitive case I instrumental case impf imperfective aspect indecl indeclinable indef indefinite infin infinitive inform informal inter interrogative interj interjection intrans intransitive L locative case ma masculine animate mi mp mppl N n neg num aj num o.a. pej pers pf phr pl form pl pred pref prep pron aj pron quant s.o. a e conj and since, inasmuch as absolutnie av absolutely aby cond conj (abym abyê aby abyêmy abyêcie) that, so that, in order to ach excl ah! adres mi address; pod ~sem czegoê) regarding, intended for; in care of adresat mp addressee adresowaç -suj -sujesz impf, zaadresowaç pf address (a letter) adwokat mp adwokatka f lawyer aha exclam aha!

For example, under szeroki, one will find the comparative adjective szerszy and the comparative adverb szerzej. akademia f academy, institute, school akademicki aj academic; rok ~ academic year akademik mp 1 academician, member of academy. share of stock akcyjny aj of akcja 3 aktor mp actor aktorka fem actress aktorski aj aktorstwo n actor's craft akurat av just, precisely, exactly, at the moment akuratny aj accurate, precise albo conj either.

2 mi dormitory akcja f 1 act, action, drive, campaign, operation.

av and verbal ciemno ciemnoêç f dark(ness) cienki aj thin, fine. av pred ci ko; ~ chory seriously ill; ~ mi it's hard for me. ci koêç f gravity, severity, difficulty ciocia f dim of ciotka Gpl cioç aunt(ie) cisza f quiet, silence, calm ciênienie n pressure (air, blood, etc.) ciênieniomierz -a mi barometer co pron G czego D czemu IL czym what.

ciekawoêç f curiosity; z ~Êci out of curiosity ciemny aj dark, dim, dusky. av pred ciep o cieszyç -sz -szysz impf, pf ucieszyç please, delight. I enjoy (life, etc.) ci ar mi weight, burden ci arek -rku mi counterweight ci arowy aj freight ci ki aj heavy, hard, difficult.

All in all, the glossary contains around 3000 entries. If the head-word is illustrated in a different gender or case-form, then the right-hand part of the word will be taken back to a letter held in common, as in domowy aj of dom. VERBS Verb conjugation is indicated by giving the 1st and 2nd person sg. ~ mi przykro I'm very sorry barszcz mi cabbage soup bawiç -wi -wisz impf, pf zabawiç 1.

PRINCIPLES OF CITATION A tilda is used to represent the head-word in phrasal illustrations, as in ch tnie av gladly, willingly, readily. forms of the the present, along with any other irregular present or past forms, as in yç yç yj impf live, be alive jeêç jem jesz jedzà jad jedli impf, pf zjeêç eat If a verb occurs only or mainly in the 3rd person, only the 3rd person singular (neuter) will be given.

See, for example, zdawaç si zdaje si 3p only D seem Aspect pairs are given in the order basic: derived, regardless of alphabetical considerations. nie bój si don't be afraid badaç -am -asz impf, pf zbadaç examine, study, scrutinize, screen, explore, canvass badanie n often in pl examination, study, research, survey badany aj as mp subject, person being tested bàdê imperative of byç. w banku bar mi bar, pub, fast food place, café, cafeteria; ~ mleczny milk bar barek -rku mi liquor cabinet bardzo av very, very much.

If this decision causes an alphabetization problem, then the derived aspect form is listed separately, with a cross reference. nie a tak dobry not all that good B babcia f Gpl babci or babç grandma, grandmother baç si boj si boisz si, nie bój si impf G fear, be afraid of.

See, for example rozumieç -em -esz impf, pf zrozumieç understand with the derived perfective zrozumieç also having its own listing, with reference to rozumieç.

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See b àd b du mi error, mistake szk o szkie n glass krew krwi f blood stó sto u mi table pole pól n field czwartek -tku mi Thursday Nouns listed as mi 'masculine inanimate' are assumed to have genitive singular in -u unless noted otherwise. (with endings of byç: alem ale aleê aleêmy aleêcie). ale oczywiêcie but of course alkohol mi alcohol ambasada f embassy ambasador mp Npl -owie ambassador Ameryka f America.

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