Tips on dating coloumbian women

Salaries in Colombia are about 0-0 a month, and its very rare that a Colombian woman can pay a rent for her own apartment from her monthly salary.If you want to “get serious” with a Colombian women there is no way to avoid her family.They have very serious old-fashioned and traditional values on religion, the mayority of Colombians are Catholics.To be more precise, some of Colombian women will never have a sexual relationship until they are married.In Bogota or Medellin you will you meet Colombian women, that like the idea of female emancipation.In the mentioned cities, the most important things for women are: Her job, her career, the university and fashion.Therefore, you should respect her if she doesn´t want to have one night stand with you.If you already are a member of a church in the USA or somewhere else, you will probably have no problem with that.

Colombian families are usually very large and also play an important role.As we all know Colombian women are very attractive.And that’s the reason why many men want to date a colombian girl.When both cultures are understood better, chances are good that you will have happy and long lasting relationship / marriage with a Colombian woman. In Colombian culture an age difference of more or less 15 -25 years is normal.

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