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Of the 23 minute Maintenance Plan, Updating the Statistics takes a staggering 13 minutes.

Developers and application partners can now build to a single programming surface when creating or upgrading intelligent applications, and use the edition which scales to the application’s needs.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? [cc lang=”sql”] EXEC sp_updatestats [/cc] The other way, is to use the UPDATE STATISTICS command.Product(Products) WITH SAMPLE 50 PERCENT [/cc] Using update statistics can give you the granularity of control to only update the out of date statistics, thus having less impact on your production system.The following script updates all out of date statistics.

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this solution only rebuilds/reorganize and updates what is needed this way you might shortenthe time your maintinance plan takes and also save a hole lot of log space.. In your original post, you said that users are seeing a performance degredation due to this maintenance plan.

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