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Here are the elements of the Fiasco: No supernatural intervention was necessary to motivate her to look into his Chicago activities more closely because the old American newspaper article she read while in Australia, while inaccurate on certain points, painted a very good picture of what Dr. He learned about the work of a planning committee to build it when he returned from an extended trip of several months to Europe. White, had strongly supported the project to build this particular building.It was common knowledge in Battle Creek that there was a strong need to build a new building for the American Medical College, and this project was being widely discussed in the Church at the time when Ellen White had her Chicago Buildings Vision. The Adventists involved with the project, upon hearing about Ellen White's testimony against building a building in Chicago, did not pay any attention to her message because they thought she was talking about some other project.Furthermore, the idea that God cared more about building an expensive sanitarium in Australia more than He cared about the men and women who were perishing of starvation and disease in Chicago does not square with what we know about the character of God as exemplified in the life of Jesus. Wilcox unequivocal in his assertion that her claim to be an inspired prophet was fraudulent as recorded in the leaked stenographers transcript of the 1919 Bible Conference Minutes? Had it not been for the 1974 discovery, theft, and later unauthorized publication (Spectrum magazine, 1979) of this bomb shell stenographers transcript of the secret 1919 meeting one convened to decide what should be done about Ellen Whites fraudulent prophetic claims we could look back on Frank Wilcox as an Adventist leader of the highest integrity. He put it in a plain paper bag and banished it to the furthest depths of the huge vault at the General Conference Headquarters in Washington, DC, where Dr. Should they repudiate her and deal with the havoc that would ensue, or should they continue trying to cover-up her prophetic blunders?The set of influences that we have traced from the Chicago Buildings Vision through D. Canright's apostasy to the 1919 Bible Conference to the discovery of the transcripts in 1974 of those secret meetings seems to have prepared Dr. If they decided to continue the present cover-up, how would they keep the truth about her from the Churchs seminary students?

Those involved with planning the new building for the American Medical College did not think that her testimony against Dr.

These prophecies have been so remarkable in their actual a-day-stands-for-a-day historical fulfillment, that higher critics of the Bible claimed they had to have been written after these events took place.

Within a few years of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, the early authorship of Daniel was firmly established, refuting the skeptics.

It is likely that at least a number of honest-at-heart unbelievers had their faith in the Bible established by the spectacular fulfillment of these prophecies regarding Antiochus Epiphanes and Nero.

Ellen Whites interpretation of the 2,300 year and 1,260 year prophecies, therefore, destroys two remarkably accurate Bible prophecies and twists them it into ones that are highly imaginative and unprovable.

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