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While verifying Windows patches were up to date on a few Windows 7 clients, WSUS showed one PC needed some updates with approval: "install" but status: "not installed." Running Windows Update check on the PC was not showing any updates available from the WSUS.The Windows file was showing differently that there were updates detected matching the number that WSUS showed with approval: "install", but Windows Update would never install them.[more] Recreating the Software Distribution folder on the client seemed to have resolved this synchronization problem.I knew I had come across this problem before, but for the life of me could not remember what the hell the fix was. I quickly found a forum about this issue here that triggered my memory.Decline superseded updates on WSUS and all will be holy again.Note that Windows Server 2016 will have this functionality at RTM.IT pros will have to carry out some manual configuration steps to get this update to work with WSUS.Some details: Specs:- Windows Server 2008 R2- Windows 7 clients, same hardware- WSUS is now 3.2.7600.274- There are GPOs correctly configured with the server settings and installation time What I've already done:- This machines were cloned in the past without sysprep, so the Sus Cliente ID duplication was a possibility.

And here it an excerpt from the last log of one of the PCs.Essentially, KB3159706 does the same thing as KB3148812 was supposed to do.It prepares the way for WSUS to automatically decrypt Windows 10 feature updates. I've recently started to use WSUS on a school lab and I'm having some troubles with 7 machines.4 of them never reported to the server and the others stopped reporting recently.

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The cause of the problem apparently was a Microsoft Intune service update.

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